San Pedro Prison

 2-6 Players
 60 minutes
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Prices (min: €60)

Total players Adult Teen **
2 €40 €40
3 €30 €28
4 €27 €25
5 €24 €22
6 €22 €21

* : Kids can only play with adults.
** : Teens from 12 to 15 have to play with at least one adult.

Bolivia, La Paz, the only prison in the world where you can spend your holiday ?

And you thought what a marvellous idea.

On your arrival a riot breaks out. The prisonniers take you as hostages and lock you up.
Negotiations bringing no results at all, the army and the BIP (Brigada de Intervención Polivalente) are charged with the assault of the San Pedro prison by any means.

Knowing the assault will begin in 1 hour and that collateral damages could happen, you decide to escape from your cell as soon as possible.

Certificate of Excellence 2017